Android Mobile POS Tablet
Mobile Van Sales

Mobile POS System bring mobile point-of-sale to cash van selling.

If you are one-man business, you can deliver the goods directly to the customer, scans barcodes where available, takes cash and then issues a cash receipt for customer all in one time.

If you need all to be recorded in the Back-end office, then the system is also can be configured, all the details are then automatically sent back to the office to allow stock to be reordered, and an invoice to be raised, if required.

Android Mobile POS System is ideal stock control software for inventory management, and to manage customer run sheet sales for mobile field sales staff.

Suitable for
  • Retailers
  • One-man Van Sales Business
  • Sales Force Business

Seamlez POS virtually eliminates all IT headaches while simplifying your retail life. You can use your Android tablet for any task in business transaction: ringing up sales, managing inventory, or running reports.
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