Android Food&Beverage (F&B) Management System
Android Food&Beverage (F&B) Management System

We strive to offer a holistic F&B solution that is easy to use, affordable & low investment risk. Enabling any café, restaurant, kiosk, food truck and even food court with more than 100 tables, to exploit system to boost operation efficiency andrevenue.

Advanced and professional systems designed for effective ordering.

Wireless Table Ordering & Cashiering– Rocket fuel for your company’s efficiency.

Whatever the industry, efficiency is vital. Making the juice worth the squeeze can make or break a business, and with our POS for Android, you’ll see wasted time and energy vanish before your eyes.

In most of the restaurant in Johor area, countless hours are spent going to and from the kitchen or counter terminal with orders, and to and from the register with payment.

With our Android Point of Sale system, you can let the technology do the legwork, and ease the congestion on the chef. Just take an order over the table, and print the ticket remotely to the kitchen.Cut down queues as your employees take orders at the speed of light with the simple and intuitive SeamlezF&B interface.

Lastly, receive the payment over the customer table by simply just press a button.

Everything just got easier, and NEVER turn a customer away.

Seamlez F&B Android system will do all the ordering and cashiering tasks for you over the customer table.

Adavantage of using Food & Beverage Management System

Improve Speed of Service and Order Accuracy
  • Serve more customers by keeping servers on the floor
  • Improve speed and accuracy from the restaurant floor to the kitchen
Decrease Employee Training Time
  • Reduce training time with easy-to-use software solutions
  • Offer employees the industry’s best graphical user interface
Better Control Operating Costs
  • Make fast decisions and prevent unnecessary costs
  • Capture a comprehensive view of sales versus food and labor costs
Maximize Smooth Operations
  • Prevent lost sales and service disruption with the industry’s best data redundancy
  • Avoid operational hassles with highly responsive maintenance and the industry’s fastest return-to-service method

Customization: Modifiers, Floor Layout and More


Easy Modifiers

Extra Chili? No Spring Onion? We’ve got your custom orders covered! With SEAMLEZ Restaurant POS you can add custom modifiers on the fly or make use of common mods already programmed into the POS to give your customers exactly what they’re looking for!

Floor Plan Layout

Customize your seamless floorplan to match the design and layout of your venue. Do you have a patio, bar, dining room, or upstairs? Not a problem- SEAMLEZ allows you to create a multi-level or multi-room floorplan to mirror your restaurant perfectly!

Customer Receipt

Put your business’s mark on your customer’s receipt. Add your logo, website, and restaurant information to extend the reach of your brand. Place a personal message at the bottom of your receipt to advertise future events or promotions.

Menu View

Organize your menu the way you want to see it. SEAMLEZlet’s you pick from three different menu views: image view, colored tile view, or list view.

Split By Seat

Seconds matter in the restaurant industry- separate a bill by seat with the swipe of a finger! Your customers will love how smoothly they can settle their bill.

Join Seats

All on one bill tonight? SEAMLEZ can join seats in a second, by sliding one seat into the other.


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