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Clocking Made Easy with Utmost Flexibility
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Time Attendance Features

Flexible Shift Time Setup

Malaysia AutoCount Cloud Payroll Time Attendance
Standard setting of timing for employees that work on fixed hour and days, records generated based on specific timeline for employees to fulfil on fixed time contribution.

Malaysia AutoCount Cloud Payroll Time Attendance
Flexible Roster Schedule allows companies to set employees timing freely and fulfils working hour accordingly, including break time and different work days setting.

Various Clocking Selection

Malaysia AutoCount Cloud Payroll Time Attendance
Flexible multiple clocking selection for dynamic businesses with various clocking method available.

Normal Clocking

Standard time clocking for most of the fixed timing employee on usual business day.

OT Clocking

Clocking system for overtime employee which contribute out of usual service hour.

Workhour Adjustment

Flexible clocking selection with adjustment enabled for employees that do not work on a fixed schedule.


Multiple Advanced Clocking Method Available

System detecting employee actual clocking location within permissible location by geofencing.

Confirming clock in details when WiFi connection with workplace has been established.

Confirming clock in by detecting Bluetooth signal in a physical location in workplace.

Requesting other clocking details from employee such as Photo Capture and Face Recognition.

    Beacon Bluetooth

Beacon Bluetooth device can be acquired and installed within business premise for close-range Bluetooth Clocking. Various types of Bluetooth Beacon device can be installed for Bluetooth clocking purpose, please contact us to acquire a beacon device or more details regarding hardware compatibility and selection.


Verify and Amend Records


Complete info panel to enable view and verify every clocking transaction of each clock in session. Report details include shift status, predefined shift hour and each actual clock in details from employees.

Interactive map specially for employee that clock-in by Geolocation, with detected actual clocking location and clocking day and hour record.

Reports Available in Verify and Amendment Section including:

Attendance Report
General report of employee attendance and hour details.

Attendance Summary
Conclude attendance report within a selected time frame for easier labor hour and wages

OT Report
Report which records overtime hour of employees.

And many more
Variety of reports that will aid in HR decision making and Payroll process.

Clocking report Transfer to Payroll

Malaysia AutoCount Cloud Payroll Time Attendance

Time attendance data can be easily transfer and sync into AutoCount Cloud Payroll for wages management, without any mistake or errors on Payroll wages and OT payment calculation.

Clearly defined roles for staff of different tiers

Time attendance system enhance entire HR and Payroll process with minimum costs and time needed. Each level role and access area are clearly defined for perfect HR management.


Apply OT / Work Hour Adj Request
Daily Clocking

Maintain Roster Schedule (Weekly/Monthly)
Approval of OT/Work Hour Adj Request
Monitor Daily Attendance


HR Personnel

Maintain Shift
Verify/Amend Clocking Information
Post clocking data for Payroll Process


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