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X NET SDN BHD offers an optional Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) with its software products, which not only enables you to receive technical support, but also provides you with all major software upgrades and minor releases at no OR lower cost throughout the SMP period.
SMP is available in one- or two-year plans. You may buy this package 2 weeks before your last SMP is expired. The cost of a one-year SMP plan is 15% of the total product purchase price, and a two-year plan is only 10% of the total product purchase price per year. (You may contact our Sales Representatives for the total SMP price if you have added on the additional user for the software.) Before the expiration of your SMP plan, you will have the option to renew for an additional one or two years, and you can continue to renew indefinitely.

Save Big with SMP Renewals
If you are an existing SMP customer, you have the opportunity to renew your Support & Maintenance Package for additional periods of one or two years. Renewing your SMP will allow you to extend the duration of your support period to receive all minor and major software versions released during that time at no additional cost. Renewals must be purchased before your current SMP expires and can be ordered up to 90 days in advance. 
Renew your SMP today to continue to receive priority technical support at lower cost plus all product version releases for free!

Technical Support
Basic technical support is provided via a telephone call or an email to support@xnet.my
X NET SDN BHD’s expert support team will respond based on the SMP plan.
Examples of basic technical support services include: installation help, registration support, licensing issues, key code support, feature requests, bug reports. Other, more complex support issues are covered by X NET Product Consulting.

Free Minor and Major Releases
You will receive all minor and major software releases that are released during your support period. Updates that you receive cover the specific edition of the product that you have purchased and typically include many additional features. Purchasing SMP ensures you will always be eligible to update to the most recent product version.

Support Period
The support period begins on the day you purchase the product license. 

During the support period you may also report any software problem or error. If we determines that a reported reproducible material error in the software exists and significantly impairs the usability and utility of the software, we agrees to make reasonable efforts to provide a usable work-around solution or to correct the issue in an upcoming service pack or software release (at X Net sole discretion).

X NET SDN BHD Product Consulting
If you require more in-depth support, please contact our Sales Representative, which includes focused product support and/or file creation services, telephone support, and pre-sales consulting, depending on the requirements of your project.
  • Basic technical support provided as part of the Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) only covers issues or questions resulting directly from the operation of the software.
  • To contact our Support Team, you can direct call to our support department at 019-989 7509 or 013-939 7509 regarding SMP support related issues. Our support staff will typically answer your priority incidents immediately.
  • If you choose not to sign up for the SMP, you will still receive free technical support based on which stated in the quotation after your product purchase. 

NOTE: The description of the services on this page only represents an overview of the benefits of our Support & Maintenance Package. For an exact definition of the terms and of the actual Support & Maintenance services included, you can talk to our Sales Representative anytime.
The word ''package,'' as it is used on this site, does not refer to a physical product package, but is defined as a bundle of services which are sold together as a unit.
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