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Why AutoCount Pos


We integrate it effectively with inventory control, sales, Purchase and accounting modules.
AutoCount POSl SST Compliant

SST Compliant
All tax-related transactions, receipt printing and posting of SST to accounting system are compliant with statutory requirements. Besides, integrating with the fully compliant AutoCount Accounting 2.0, you will have a complete list of tax codes and you may view POS transaction listing by tax code report.

AutoCount POS Integrated with Accounting
Fully Integrated With Accounting 2.0
Posting of POS transaction from multiple outlets to Accounting 2.0 will immediately produce accurate P&L reports. You shall be better supported by one same software vendor, as the result of avoiding problems with 3rd party integration, software upgrades/updates, and issues of data integrity.

AutoCount POS
Posting Friendliness
Posting to Accounting is now more efficient and controllable. You may define the Date Range and Outlets to be posted, check Daily Posting Summary, drill down to view details in source document, and assign different posting accounts for payment methods, taxes, rounding adjustment, voucher, deposit, service charges…

Malaysia AutoCount POS
POS + Purchase/Sales Modules
Packed with Sales module, Purchase module, analysis reports, real-time posting to accounting modules (GL, AR, AP), customizable documents and running numbers.

Malaysia AutoCount POS
POS + Inventory Control
Smart inventory control in stock availability, replenishment, costing, pricing, analyzing and reporting. Popular features such as: stock categorization, Item Image, multi UOM, replacement items, barcode, stock level & backorder controls, batches, serial numbers, multi-locations, BOM, item assembly and Item Disassembly.

Malaysia AutoCount POS
Place order via AutoCount On The Go (AOTG)
AOTG allows users to access Accounting 2.0 using mobile devices (laptop, smart phone, tablet). For those who are also using AutoCount On The Go (AOTG), Daily order from HQ has become much more easier with a new feature called “Self-Ordering”.

Preserve Your Business Uniqueness

Beside fascinating standard features and reports, you may customize the system to meet your unique requirements of operation and report.

Built-in Report Designer

Built-in Report Design

Design/modify reports according to your needs using the built-in report designer without depending on/paying to software vendor. E.g. customize existing Cash Receipt/Daily Closing Report by simply drag/relocate a field, add new text field, change the property of a field or perform report scripting.


Create Your Own User-Defined Fields (UDF)

Create Your Own User-Defined Fields

Imagine you can add unlimited meaningful UDF on transaction pages and capture those meaningful pieces of information into database, conveniently make use of such data to show them on reports for analysis purpose. These UDF value could make a big difference in your business decisions.

Software SDK and Web API For Software Integration

Software SDK and Web API For Software Integration
For the purpose of scalability and extensibility, AutoCount POS provides comprehensive facility for customization and integration to the users at no additional cost incurred. Web API (Application Programing Interface) is also provided to integrate AutoCount POS with other applications.


Support Report/Application Scripting

Support Report/Application Scripting

User may perform report/application scripting using VB.NET or C#.NET to change the behavior of certain fields or merely add new functions. One may also use it to manipulate the value of various UDF and produce desired results. In shorts, this facility has widened the scope of customization.


Support Plugins

Support Plugins
Experienced/advanced programmer can code a complete plug-in onto AutoCount POS. E.g. a customization for retail/restaurant special requirement, a plug-in to install at POS counter, or install at HQ backend System then sync to different POS counters...


Customizable Grid Layout

Customizable Grid Layout

For users to get familiarized quickly, standard themes are used in all page layouts, and they are all packed with handy features such as:

  • Filter by value
  • Quick Find / Search
  • Grouping and Sorting
  • Layout personalization
  • Export to Excel/PDF/Te


Nothing Is Out Of Hand

You have full control on accessibilities and user authorization. You decide who does what, you track who did what.

Centralized Security Control  Malaysia AutoCount POS
Administrator has absolute control over the application in server and all branches/outlets. This includes staff login and attendance tracking via thumbprint device, system login or magnetic/proximity card. Daily operation reports also provides details info of each counter/outlet.

Price check & pricing control   Malaysia AutoCount POS
Set control to prevent from selling below cost/minimum price and access rights for supervisor/manager to override. Define maximum discounts by cashiers. Prompt warning message on abnormal transaction price.  

Access Right SettingMalaysia AutoCount POS
Personalized user access right control makes it so flexible to determine who can do what with the system. Alternatively, you may manage access right according to user groups. With more than 200 access right records, unlimited users creation, everything is within control.

Audit Trail and TrackingMalaysia AutoCount POS
To view what has been done (e.g. deletion, modification…) that was not reported elsewhere. Use this feature to track WHO has done WHAT, WHEN and WHERE to get a clearer picture of untold stories. Track audit trail events using ‘keyword’ search, filtered by Date Range, Event types & Object types

Size Doesn't Matter
From standalone to multi outlets, from single counter to numerous cashiers, from simple operation to demanding retailing, the system is flexible enough to handle them all well.

Multiple Outlets Management

Multiple Outlets Management
You still enjoy full control of all the outlets with centralized control and powerful synchronization, All settings are done in HQ and will be synchronized to outlets. Sales transactions will be automatically ''pushed'' from outlet to head office and will be consolidated for reporting.

Real Time Synchronization

Real Time Synchronization
To establish data consistency between HQ and outlets, Real Time synchronization setting is made easy and simple. It is a one-time setting and needed to be performed only at HQ. You may define what & when to be synchronized.

Offline Protection

Offline Protection
Your business continues to run smoothly without interruption even when internet connection is lost or outlets are disconnected from HQ. The data will be synced to head office as soon as your internet connection is reestablished.

Training New Staff

Ease in Maneuver and New Staff training
Don't worry, with standardized layouts and simplified display that support touch screen monitor, they can get familiarized quickly. Setting of favorite shortcut keys/buttons can also be exported/shared with other outlets. You may also make use of syntax formula to accelerate data entry process.

Support Various e-Wallets

Support Various e-Wallets
AutoCount POS supports most of the popular e-Wallets payment such as AliPay, WeChatPay, Boost, MayBankQR, Touch n Go… Beside saving rentals of payment terminal devices, you enjoy promotional rate on transaction charge when using AutoCount POS e-Wallet.

You Are The Boss, Get The Story Told

You Are The Boss, Get The Story Told
Data is captured, reports are generated, but you want more! Enjoy the fun of constructing your own sales analysis report. Feel the excitement of accessing to real time sales status via mobile Apps and email notification on outlet daily sales closing, and Business Intelligence Reporting system such as Pivot Table Sales analysis and many more Sales analysis.


Cloud-Based eDashboard App

eDashboard App
Android eDashboardIOS eDashboardHuawei eDashboard
AutoCount POS e-Dashboard app is designed to presents retail or F&B sales reporting metrics in a way that is easy to digest.It is a one-of-a-kind cloud-based mobile sales app to easily track and monitor outlets sales performance from wherever you are, at any time of the day. It is available for AutoCount POS 5.0 supporting both Android and iOS mobile devices.

  • Business managers can access real-time sales report through a mobile-friendly sales dashboard on the go.
  • View outlets sales data at a glance with filters option to keep an eye on daily/hourly sales transactions.
  • Setting outlet daily, weekly or monthly targets and track performance progress on set targets.
  • Drill down your sales data to gain insights for:
    • multi-branch or multi-companies sales performance make sales data comparison to help you identify trends or problem areas that need attention.
    • Top sales ranking by amount and quantity to
    • make sure you always have sufficient top-selling products in-stock.

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